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A nation that cannot feed itself, is a nation in slavery. Farmwealth is the largest online community of farmers all over the world. It is an online and offline Home Business everyone can do even on the Laptop or Smartphone at Home. The community mobilizes funds for farmers to expand their farming capacities while they share profits with owners of the funds. Originating from the United States of America, it is spreading so fast in all continents of the world. Now many more people can become farmers without going to farm and many more farmers making good money with ease. All men who are determined and forward looking can be Wealthy because food business can never go wrong. The community also makes loans available to members at the cheapest rate ever, 5% monthly. The special currency in the community is called Agric Coin (AGC) which is equivalent to one dollar.

Weekly Earnings for Members

You earn 5% of your purchased pack every week for 50 weeks after the first 30days of signing up to give room for cultivation period. Your weekly yield is guaranteed for 50weeks. Farmwealth is designed for everybody both the rich and the poor, weak and strong, networkers and non-networkers.

Cutter Package

Price: 100AGC

Weekly Yield: 5AGC

Grow Package

Price: 200AGC

Weekly Yield: 10AGC

Fisherman Package

Price: 400AGC

Weekly Yield: 20AGC

Poultry Package

Price: 1200AGC

Weekly Yield: 60AGC

Crop Package

Price: 3600AGC

Weekly Yield: 180AGC